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Meanwhile, one challenge was scrapped after a refrigerator malfunction — does it seem weird to anyone else that this show is supported by outrageous product placement from makers of kitchen equipment, yet said kitchen equipment is constantly breaking on air? (Apologies to Katie Lee Joel; sources suggest her emotion chip was faulty.) Among the cast, Tiffani Faison and her grating personality lasted for the entire season before finally being undone by Harold Dieterle, whose own personality was — how to say — non-existent.Highlights: Fabio's legendary slam "This is ," not to mention his boasts about his hosting skills ("We can serve monkey ass in empty clam shell and we would still win! Runner-up Lee Anne Wong managed to distinguish herself enough that she designed challenges for the show for several seasons following. Season Three – Miami Season Three saw the birth of the amazing blog Amuse Biatch, which for its all-too-short tenure would come to be the preeminent voice in fandom.

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But you know, I just feel like the dish was prepared by somebody who hasn't had as much sex as he really needs to, to make a dish feel like you really wanna fuck. Hell, I'm from Mississippi, pick it up and eat that son of a bitch! Howie: [in response to Joey's attack] You want to know what, I want to run home and be a fucking man about it, and you want to fucking bitch like a little girl, okay, like you've done all day. Winner Ilan Hall was an uptight, passive-aggressive non-entity whose only redemption came when he managed to beat, and so momentarily silence, Marcel Vigneron, almost certainly the most unbearable person on television ever.

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