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08-Jun-2017 19:06

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Thank you Brad for professionalism, quick service and helping me out with my tire problem.

I Truly Love This Dealer ship i wish i had known Morris before he is a great guy he truly did all he could to 100% satisfy me and my family he made me feel right at home my whole experience was just amazing fast and easy and super friendly. My questions as to saving a recently installed part were never answered. The bottom line is that the car is repaired and works fine now.

I would not recommend this dealership to any car buyer based on my experience.

The gentlemen who answered from the “wholesale “ parts was rude. My parents had a worst experience at finance department they fooled them twice with their scam.

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I also have to give a big things to Liz the finance manager who helped us. I hope to be back to doing more business with you soon! i was 1 week past the warranty period, but they wouldnt fix it for me under warranty. Amilcar did a fantastic job, he went over and beyond being in touch with me and helping me with my C450 being checked and everything completed. The car sold itself but the dealer expirence was top notch. She made the process very easy and realy took care of me as a customer.I have an estimate for nearly 00 to make my car safe to drive, not fixed, just safe to drive. Special mention to Jaunenito Pavon, the salesperson who helped me .He was very accommodating, helpful, very professional all the way. This my first time to visit South Bay MBZ , the lady that approach us was very nice and entertaining, I’m impressed about the help she extended and sure I was convinced to get my car out of the lot,happy and satisfied.There were two little things that needed to be repaired so I took the car to my local Mercedes dealer.

I was shocked to find that I had to pay them 5 before they would even look at my car.Nonetheless, everyone was pleasant, knowledgeable and easy to work with. My hubby took my car in for service B1 and the service team checked fluids, brakes, windshield wiper blades, all fluids and up under the hood, etc.. It was easy due to the experienced personnel at MB South Bay. My sales person, Brie, was great: Low key, no pressure, and knowledgeable about the various cars I was interested in. Brie was the kind of sales person that was happy to work with.