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IMLS); in others, large cuts are proposed to certain areas (e.g., Education) but it's unclear if the cuts would impact libraries (e.g., ESSA).Emily Sheketoff described this as losing a battle in what is going to be a very long war. In an effort to not spread itself too thinly, ALA has decided to focus on two areas where libraries are the sole stakeholder in ensuring victory.I am sharing these notes with you with his permission.Joseph "ALA believes that the struggle against racism, prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination is central to our mission.ALA and libraries are the only organizations standing up for school libraries and for LSTA.ALA will funnel its activities to these two areas, namely by focusing on funding for Innovative Approaches to Literacy and the IMLS.ALA is financially strong and is almost on track for revenue and expenses. Nominating Committee: Ma’lis Wendt and Vivian Wynn announced the election results.President Elect Ann Marie Pipkin Assistant Treasurer Hannah Pickworth Secretary Nann Hilyard Directors Joan Atkinson & Nancy Bolt Ma’lis will add new officers to the handbook. Officers and committee roster also will be on ALA Connect.

) -Andrew--------------------------------------------------------- ALA Leadership and the ALA Washington Office held conference calls with elected Division leaders, Division Executive Directors, ALA Affiliates, and ALA Executive Board Members to lay out the broad strokes of a plan to combat the proposed budget sent to Congress by the Trump administration.

The effectiveness and cost “Libraries Transform” campaign was discussed.

RMRT wondered why each new ALA President had a separate initiative if the previous campaign was not completed President’s Program in Orlando: Vivian Wynn announced that "Fast and Easy: Advocacy that YOU can do with ALA” will be held on Sunday, - p.m., OCCC Room W106 President’s Program in Chicago: Jean Doolittle presented possible topics (grandparent economy and how to use our skill in retirement).

I participated in both of these calls, Friday, March 17 and Monday, March 20. Trump has submitted what's referred to as a "skinny budget." It is light on specificity.

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In some instances, there's clarity of the cuts (e.g.

Every budget cycle, ALA coordinates the drafting of a "Dear Appropriator" letter.

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