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They are in a row around the margin of the head of the penis, and can be seen when the foreskin is pulled back. It is usually on the shaft of the penis, near the foreskin.In some men they are hardly visible at all, and in others they are quite noticeable. People often worry that they are warts or an infection, and pick or squeeze them. It is caused by temporary blockage of the lymphatic channels at the margin of the head of the penis.Sometimes we look at our bodies in a new light, and notice things that we have never seen before, and we think they are not normal.

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Add a comment Please note we cannot answer your questions directly. Share your stories, tips and solutions here to help others tackle it, move on.If an ulcer or ulcers develop, you should consult your doctor without too much delay. It is normal for the skin of the scrotum to look like the skin of a plucked chicken.

He was paroled in April 2004 and was in and out of prison several times. "This prison sentence makes our community safer." Court records showed that the laptop that investigators found child porn on was given to him by Sister Rita Mary Harwood of the Diocese of Cleveland.… continue reading »

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