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I just wondered if you could find out if he was kept at that camp of if he was moved elsewhere and if possible what he died of. Gunner Norman H A Wade, 836497, 118 Field Regiment, of Hazel Avenue, Maidstone , Kent. I was told that after the war, he married and had children in Japan and never came back to the USA.

Imprisoned Changi, sent to the Burma/ Siam Railroad on as part of 'S Party'. 118 Field x 226 men, 88 Field x 192 men, 148 Field x 180 men, RE x 49 men and just 3 of RAMC. Lance Corporal Norman Clayton, 3859040, home address 104, Jubilee Rd, Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancs. I have sent an email to Chris Lawton on her/his G-Granddad Gunner CA Thornton 1071371.

But old people whose lives were blighted by a fathers war service don't fit. I'm posting this on Remembrance Day, in hope that it may help someone out there to know they are not alone. I am hoping to try and piece together as mush as i can about his life. Robert, Lt Colonel 'Hooky' Hill [1896-1971], a well known cricketer, played for Worcestershire. Thomas died at Tambaya Camp, which was classified as a hospital camp, but was more a camp to go to die in.

I do not know what he died of, but 4 members of the Suffolk Regiment who were with him, all died the previous day of Beri Beri / Diarroah.

Nobody cares to realise the damage to some of those men's children, sometimes unwanted, rejected, and without either parent being willing and/or able to be a parent to them. The remaining convey headed for safety in Vietnam, and arrived at Cape St. I would like to know how I can find some information on my grandfather, Henry Walter Porter Leonard, who was in the 5th Suffolk Regiment and was captured in Singapore. Any guidance or information would be greatly appreciated. James, I can see 4 x Robert Thomson who were POW during WWII, but all were army. he joined the Royal Army Service Corps, Profession, driver. Hawes , who was captured on Corregidor in the Philippines in 1942. Regiment Number 1094985 and a Gunner in the Royal Artillery. He was admitted to the Tanbaya camp 2 hospital, ward 7 on Aug 30, suffering malaria and dysentery, passing away on September 2. He remained at Changi until when he was sent with the ill fated 'F Force' to the Siam Railroad.

War service made them unwanted as small children or infants, and that knowledge of being unloved and rejected from the start will have stayed with them and blighted their lives. The multiple ex-forces charities constantly trumpet their good works to the people they consider to correctly fit into their rectangular tick-boxes. day ignored their fathers' existence, their own existence is ignored now. Jacques and entered the Mekong River and headed for Saigon. Shortly after arrival these POW had been transferred to work-camps for building airfields: on 18-2-1945 to Long Than (1500 men) and on 23-2-1945 to Phy My (1000 men). Anything to do with Hong Kong I would suggest you contact Tony benham at his website: However, I have already looked there and he has a large navy POW list, but I cannot see R. I am trying to find out anything relating to my Great Grandfather, he was a Corporal at the time of his capture15/02/1942 and was POW at Changi Prison, Malai Camp 4. He spent some time in Cabanatuan and Lipa in the Philippines and at Kawasaki and Niigata in Japan. Liberation Questionnaire likely at National Archives, Kew. This force was to lose over 50% of its men through disease, starvation and brutality, but a main cause was also that they were made to walk for appx 360Km.

My father, Wilfrid Bertram Poley was a POW of the Japs. Jess Aubrey was my dad's friend for very many years and he lived near us. He remained in Changi until when he entrained for the Siam end of the railroad. However, it appears he was with the men known as Group 4, and these men worked at Wampo, Tonchan, Kanu, and Hintock amongst others. Im hoping that you may able to provide some information for me.

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I have found my granddads liberation questionnaire saying he was captured in Batavia.The only information I can add is that he was shipped from Batavia to Sumatra on the Chuka Maru on arriving .

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