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It took several years for academics to catch up in what had become a rapidly expanding, state- and practice-led field.But they have since made their contributions in considerable numbers, generating a dense literature of articles, monographs, commentaries and blogs.This body of doctrinal or dogmatic literature – texts on doctrines, rules, offences, elements or other norms and provisions of international criminal law – has not only accumulated and matured, but perhaps started to saturate in some areas of the discipline.We see early signs of a will to dogmatize that could soon go beyond the actual needs of the practice of criminal justice for core international crimes – a lawyerly inclination towards ‘Überdogmatisierung’.Relevant thinkers include – but are not in any way restricted to – Hugo Grotius, Thomas Hobbes, Emmerich de Vattel, Immanuel Kant, Georg W. Hegel, Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, Raphael Lemkin, Hannah Arendt and Jürgen Habermas.The announcement of this call for papers coincides with the publication of Cambridge Professor Philip Allott’s policy brief ‘How to Make a Better World: Human Power and Human Weakness’, in which he argues that the “high social function of philosophy must be restored”, a sentiment that also permeates Professor Kronman’s Confessions.As there is no clear line between doctrinal or dogmatic and philosophical approaches to international criminal law, our project invites contributions also on this exact question.As stated above, the latter should focus on foundational concepts or categories, including, but obviously not limited to, ‘punishment’, ‘responsibility’, ‘accountability’, ‘retribution’, ‘mental state’, ‘intent’, ‘harm’, ‘legally protected interest’, ‘humanity’, ‘humane’, ‘integrity’, ‘deterrence’, ‘prevention’, ‘sovereignty’, ‘territoriality’, and discretionary markers such as ‘reasonable’, ‘proportional’ and ‘necessity’.

Kronman, long-time Dean of Yale Law School, offers a learned lawyer’s reminder of the limits of the reach of law.

Ved Napoleons endelige fall og abdikasjon i april 1814, flyktet Maria Louise og hennes sønn til Østerrike og keiser Franz Is beskyttelse. april 1814, lov til å beholde sin keiserlige tittel og tiltalen Deres Keiserlige Majestet keiserinne Marié Louise.

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